Bispham Roundabout

Bispham Roundabout
bispham roundabout lesson

One of the most frequently asked questions on driving lessons is “Will I have to do Bispham Roundabout on my test?” If you are taking your driving test in Blackpool then there is a very good chance your practical driving test will involve Bispham Roundabout as many of the driving test routes in Blackpool cover the roundabout, so we always ensure all our students have good knowledge of the roundabout.  We get many pupils with the misconception that Bispham Roundabout is a really difficult roundabout to master.  IT REALLY ISN’T!

Although Bispham roundabout does appear to have a bad reputation and can look very intimidating, we have some great ways to help get your head around it, and it’s really not difficult once we show you.

Our instructors will break each step down of the roundabout and give you plenty of practice until you feel confident enough to do it independently. We also have plenty of resources, from diagrams to videos to help you.

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