Driving Schools Blackpool

Driving Schools Blackpool

If you’re looking for a driving schools Blackpool then we suggest that your carefully choose a driving school with a good reputation in the Blackpool and Fylde district. Our team have put together some tips and advice to help you choose the tight driving school. 

  1. Reviews. Check the driving school has positive reviews. Google & Facebook are a good start.
  2. Ask friends and family who they would recommend
  3. Check the driving instructors Grade. (Grade A is the highest) 
  4. Check that the driving school is using fully qualified driving instructors.
  5. Check that your car your learning in is up to date – you don’t want to be learning to drive in an old banger! 

Driving schools Blackpool Prices 

Don’t be put off by prices. Sometimes a cheap deal is tempting but usually you get what you pay for. The usual rate in 2020 is about £27 per hour. For automatic tuition its approx. £32 per hour. Some driving schools offer block booking discounts, usually if blocks of 6 hours or more are purchased in one go. These deals usually shave off about 20% of the full price so these may be worth considering.

Driving instructors in Blackpool

firstly, you want a clean, friendly and patient instructor. You also want the car to be clean and fresh. You want a driving instructor to be focused on your aims and objectives and they should be showing you encouragement, praise and helping you resolve any mistakes you make. If your driving instructor is shouting at you or has a bad attitude then its time to change your driving school and find another instructor. 

Blackpool driving school

blackpool driving schoolBlackpool Driving School – Golden Mile

Congratulations to Laura Mausolf of Blackpool who passed her practical driving test  on Friday 10th April

What a super drive which resulted in very few minors and an amazing pass!with very few minor faults.

Good luck you’ve been a pleasure to teach Laura

From driving instructor Paul and all the team at Golden Mile  Driving School

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driving lessons Blackpool

Driving Lessons Blackpool

driving lessons blackpool

Driving Schools in Blackpool

*PASSED* Congratulations to Ann-Marie who passed her driving test today in Blackpool with driving instructor Andrea. A lovely drive with very few minors. Good luck for the future you’ve been a pleasure to teach.

We hope you enjoy the freedom that driving will now bring to you and your family. You tried really hard to gain your full driving licence and we are all so proud of you. From all the team at Golden Mile Driving School in Blackpool.

Driving Lessons Blackpool

Customer reviews

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driving lessons blackpool

driving lessons blackpool

Driving lessons Blackpool

Congratulations to Sian Kay of Blackpool who passed her practical driving test on the 10th March

A really impressive drive which got lots of praise from the examiner!! Good luck with your new job Sian, you’ve been a pleasure to teach.

Best wishes from Driving Instructor Paul and all the team at Golden Mile Driving School.

Driving Lessons Blackpool

                               visit driving school website

Visit driving school website

Read 100’s of customer reviews

driving lessons blackpool

Driving lessons Blackpool

Driving lessons  Blackpool

Congratulations to Reece Otley of Blackpool who passed his practical driving test on the 21st February.

Reece will be picking his new car up today to enjoy the freedom of the well earned driving license will bring.

Good luck for the future!

Best wishes from Driving Instructor Paul and all the team at Golden Mile Driving School.

Driving Lessons Blackpool

Read 100’s of customer reviews

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Driving School In Blackpool

Blackpool Driving School

Driving Lessons in Blackpool, Lytham St Annes, and surrounding areas with male and female fully qualified driving instructors and 100’s of five star reviews, who else to trust with your tuition than Golden Mile. Our aim to to give you quality tuition and that full independence of driving as quickly as possible without breaking your budget.

blackpool driving school golden mile

Are you looking for a Driving School in Blackpool?

driving lessons blackpool

Hello and welcome to our blog! Here we celebrate the successes of our students who have achieved their goal of obtaining a full driving licence to ensure freedom and independence. Customer Success is our mission and we are delighted to have 100’s of Customer Reviews on our main website http://www.goldenmiledriving.com
Learning to drive should be fun and stress free but ultimately your driving lessons should be structured in a way to ensure full value for money and timely success. Everyone wants to pass their driving test at the first attempt and I’m sure you are no exception, so we have put together 8 simple steps to ensure your first time success.

8 Steps for a First Time Pass.

  •  1. Be consistent with your driving lessons.

Endeavor to take a weekly driving lesson.

Those students that take regular driving lessons learn SO much FASTER than those that are irregular.

If possible commit to two hour driving lessons, You will learn far more and far faster.

One hour driving lessons WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. By the time you have a recap on your previous lesson and then drive to the training area to practice the chosen objective, you may have already used 15 minutes of your lesson.

There should then be a summary when you finish to confirm what you have learnt, this will take another 5 minutes = That’s 20 minutes of your 60 minute lesson.

  • 2. Be prepared for your driving lessonsprepared

It’s YOUR driving lesson! Make the most of it.

Being in the right frame of mind will give the best value for your money.

  •  3. Your driving lessons should always begin with a recap of your previous lesson.

Please don’t underestimate this very important point.

Your driving instructor should be asking you questions at this stage to confirm your understanding of previous learning and to test your knowledge on the next subject.

Your practical driving lessons will be far less effective if you do not fully understand the theory of the subject and mistakes can be made through lack of knowledge.

driving instructors blackpool

  • 4. The lessons objective.

Possibly, the most important element to your progress.

Trust me, without a firm objective, your learning period will be greatly increased.

It is absolutely vital that EVERY lesson has a definite objective.

You must understand what will be covered in the current lesson and how it will move you forward towards your goal.

Driving aimlessly around is a complete waste of your hard earned money!

  •  5. Your driving lessons should be structured and you should be encouraged to develop your skills.

Your lessons should follow a structured path from very easy at the beginning and then increase in complexity as you progress.

Your instructor should be encouraging you to develop by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding.

This is a very important procedure as responsibility is gradually transferred to you.

  •  6. Summary of your driving Lesson.

What you discuss at the end of your lesson, will compound the retention of that newly gained knowledge and understanding.

  •  7. Self evaluate, be confident and be ready.

Be honest with yourself!

Are you still making mistakes during your lessons?

Many students fail their driving tests because they are not driving consistently before they go to test.

Arriving for your practical driving test knowing that you are lacking in confidence due to inconsistent driving will just add to the anxiety and many will blame nerves “on the day” but in reality it’s generally down to lack of consistency in the build up to test day.


  •  8. Listen to the advice of your Driving Instructor. 

Our instructors are highly trained and experienced at assessing when you are ready for your driving test, you are paying for professional advice – So it would be wise to listen to it.

female driving instructor blackpool

” Understanding that everybody is different and adapting the driving lesson to suit the needs of the individual is paramount.”  Andrea Hoyle ADI, Golden Mile.

To think that all driving instructors or driving schools in Blackpool are the same would be a massive mistake.

We offer a “Customer Success ” approach to learning to drive to maximise your chances of a first time pass. All of your driving lessons should have a definite purpose and crystal clear objective, so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve and how it will help you towards your goal of a gaining a full driving license.

Far too many driving lessons involve aimless “driving around”, this may sound familiar if you are already taking lessons and feel you are not progressing. We find that when pupils are offered a full and detailed explanation of the task required  it makes it very easy for our pupils to understand and move forward. We also find that “chunking” driving lessons works really well. This is where we can set a mini objective for,  lets say 20 minutes and then focus on the required task with help, assistance and good targeted questions to constantly check the pupils thinking.  After each lesson “chunk” we then know exactly whether further practice is required or we can move on to the next step.

It is essential that YOU the pupil, knows exactly why you are requested to do something and the possible consequences of not doing it and how it may affect others around you.It may all sound a little complicated but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We have 100’s of test passes on our website and our pupils return an average 1st time pass rate of 84% across the whole driving school. When you compare this with the local average 1st time pass rate in Blackpool of just 33% you can see why we at Golden Mile Driver Training  are so successful.

If you are thinking of learning of driving lessons Blackpool or you are already taking driving lessons but becoming frustrated, now is your chance to join a driving school that is very much focused on Customer Success and to benefit from the latest and proven teaching methods.

Don’t just take our word for it read 100’s of  Customer Reviews to see what customers have to say after taking their driving lessons. Learning to drive should be an enjoyable and straight forward process when following a structured course of lessons.

When you make a mistake with your driving it is imperative that you understand exactly what the mistake is , how you can fix it and why it occurred. This is not rocket science but many driving instructors fail to follow these simple but very effective guidelines. Key note: If you do not have a definite objective for each of your driving lessons, then your learning period will almost certainly take you longer and cost you more of your hard earned money.

Customer Reviews tend to give an honest and balanced account of the customer experience.

So we were delighted to receive this review from Thomas Ridley an NHS care worker in Blackpool..

” I Passed my test in March with Paul from Golden Mile, I had two previous instructors that were not very good at all, so I  was a nervous wreck when first got in the car but within half an hour Paul’s  calm nature settled me down I felt so comfortable driving! I would highly recommend him to all! Paul even taught my best friend who passed today! By far the best driving instructor in Blackpool and the Fylde coast. Don’t be scared to drive, call Golden Mile and you will go far!”

          Here’s a great review from Emma Hankinson from Blackpool who passed her test first time with ZERO faults

I recently Passed my test with 0 faults after having 10 hours with Andrea! I’d driven before but not had the best experience or gained great confidence! Andrea was so professional, and really knew the best ways of boosting my confidence! She gave me her full focus and knowledge each lesson and making sure that every lesson we progressed on to something new/different so that we weren’t just going over the same things (which i have found to be a nightmare with other driving schools in the past)! I cant thank her enough for helping me pass, I would highly recommend anyone to book lessons with Golden Mile/ Andrea.

30% of learner drivers feel the need to change their driving instructors before going for driving test.

 This is a very disturbing statistic and does not present the industry in a very good light. Are you already taking driving lessons and feel as though you are simply not making progress and feeling frustrated?

You are the customer, please make sure you are receiving the best value for you hard earned money, if you feel this is not the case then I suggest you look for a new driving instructor before you waste even more of your time and money. To make the transfer and get your driving back on course, call Julie or Paul at customer services on 01253 465 938 or 07800 977 801  Good luck and best wishes from all the team at Golden Mile Driver Training

Visit the main website now and bring that full licence a massive step closer.

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