Driving Instructor Training Blackpool

Train to be a driving instructor Blackpool & Preston

Are you looking to change your lifestyle? Perhaps you are looking for a new challenge? Are you stuck in a rut and looking for a change of direction? Want to be self employed – with no boss controlling your day?

driving instructor training

This might just be the opportunity you have been looking for!

Golden Mile Driving School based in Blackpool are offering Driving Instructor Training. Our trainer Dave Patterson has over 30 years driving experience and has been an instructor with a high grading for many years. Dave offers only 1 to 1 specialist instructor training so you can be assured he will deliver and cater for your every need.

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How will you train to become a driving instructor with Golden Mile?

A driving instructor is not just a job, it is a vocation that offers years of great job satisfaction, with the chance to meet new people on a daily basis, helping to change and improve their lives.

In order to train you must:

• Have had a full UK license for at least 4 years
• Have no more than 5 points on your license
• Not been banned from driving within the last 4 years
• Be a ‘fit and proper’ person (in the opinion of DSA)
• You must pass a DBS (Enhanced Level Disclosure and Barring Service) check – Formally known as a CRB Check. You need to be able to read a number plate at a distance of 27.5 metres, which is further than the ‘L’ test minimum requirements.

The training course has 3 parts and you need to pass 3 tests in order to become a fully qualified and Approved Driving Instructor.

Part 1 – The ADI Theory Test

This test is made up of 2 sections: Multiple choice and Hazard perception. You need to pass both sections before you can advance to Part 2. We provide you with all of the materials to help your studies, which includes books, DVDs and unlimited access to Theory Test Pro. Although Part 1 is mainly home study we will be monitoring your progress continually.

Part 2 – The ADI Driving Test

This is very similar to the current driving test for learners, but slightly longer and more robust. You need to pass part 2 before you can move onto part 3. Your  trainer will assess your current driving skills in order to tailor a detailed program of training to help you pass.  Most people require approximately 14-20 hours  training to be up to test standard.

Part 3 – ADI Instructional Ability Test

Training will consist of 2 hour interactive driving lessons on subjects chosen by your trainer – he will simulate the role of a learner driver and assess your ability to teach by asking questions and making mistakes. You will receive a grade in this test – only grades 4 (adequate), 5 (good) or 6 (excellent) will result in official recognition of ADI. Your personal trainer will act as the role of examiner and give you experience of different roles and teaching subjects. Each session is planned with lesson aims and constructive feedback. You will receive approximately 40 hours of 1 to 1 in-car training to help you pass. Training sessions are not necessarily taken every week; they are spaced to suit your own development, pace, and your availability, so you can take training whilst still working.

How much for driving instructor training ?

Driving Instructor training doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you may have seen large national driving schools offering training courses for unreasonable prices which most people can’t afford.  You may think that because you’re paying a substantial amount you’re getting a better service. That’s not quite true, these large driving schools are simply charging you more to cover their marketing overheads. Why should YOU the potential ADI be paying for THEIR overheads as well as your course fee!? These prices are simply unrealistic to most people. We understand that this an investment for your future career and offer fair prices, giving you a fair start in the industry.

 Our Prices

          Pay as You Go

 £25 per hour

Complete Driving Instructor Training Package (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Training)

ONLY £1350


After you qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor

As a newly-qualified instructor, one of the biggest decisions you will make will be whether to set up as an independent driving instructor or take one of the many franchise options available to you. There are pros and cons to each decision, and every individual instructor has to decide which will be the best option for them.
We understand that starting up your own business can be a huge challenge and building up reputation can take a long time. Some people don’t have the time to do this. So, If you decide to take your driving instructor training with Golden Mile we will give you the option of joining our franchise, this involves a low cost weekly fee with huge benefits. There is no contract to tie you in – just a verbal agreement between both parties. We will supply your roof box, stationary, office support, unlimited supply of pupils and work clothing. We do all the marketing, giving you more time to concentrate on your lessons and leisure time, you will still be self-employed and you can  also choose the hours you want to work. If our driving school franchise is something you may be interested in then see our FRANCHISE PAGE for more information.


Office : 01235 465 938

Mobile : 07800 977 801

Website : www.goldenmiledriving.com

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