Blackpool Crash Courses

Blackpool Driving Intensive Courses

Intensive driving courses sometimes known as crash courses or fast pass driving course. Intensive driving courses are for those who would like to pass their driving test in the least amount of time. It may be that you need a driving licence very quickly for a job that requires one, or to enhance your career prospects. Having a driving licence is becoming essential part of life for many people and it is a very worthwhile future investment. So if you are in a hurry to pass then our intensive driving lessons in Blackpool, and surrounding areas are the perfect choice

blackpool crash course “I did the 7 day intensive driving course with Golden Mile and, by day two, I felt completely at ease. It was as if I was driving with a friend rather than an instructor. Passed first time. Thank you so much!”  Lloyd Stevenson, Blackpool

For more information on Blackpool Intensive Driving  Courses or to book a course visit our main website

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